Theres nothing left for me to figure out

"Its too late to make it right, and i probably wouldnt if i could."
Ahh..so lifes been pretty good..i have a mean cold but thats besides the point.
So people i think the whole Adam thing is over with, and i know people like to say well hes going to be a memory, however i think id just rather forget about the whole experience altogether, last night while i was waking from coughing i came to realize it was like a whole kevin scenario Again. ive been there and done that and i dont wanna remember the second one.

49 more days!!
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Ive been waiting till i see it in your eyes

So wow..what a week ive been having, so ill begin with my activities of last weekend haha
i met a guy named Steve so we hung out for the better part of the night at Joels then Joels buddies from rexton came down and i noticed one was familiar and it turned out to be my neighbors Friend, so i talked to him and he told me my neighbor has a crush on me and junk so i was like omg i want my neighbor!! so i was like im giving you a week to make some magic happen..and then i left
and come monday guess who was knocking on my door...my neighbor..i think i almost passed out i was so surprised,shocked and happy..it was crazy. It was all small talk then he said we should hang out sometime and i said sure!! then he left and i jumped around for a bit i super happy, still am.
So then yesterday (Thursday) he was in the hallway with his buddies so i decided to ask him if he wanted to watch a movie at night and he said yea and i said aroudn 8? and he said sure.
So here comes around 8 and im scared outta my mind..so i wait..then i wait and wait..and im really trying to work up the nerve to go and knock on his door but as soon as i get off my couch he knocks at mine..so i ask which movie he wants to watch (skeleton Key or Flight Plan) he said it doesnt matter..then i said Your place or mine? he said doesnt matter..so i said fine im deciding Skeleton Key and Your place. Nice, i know.
So we go over and i sit in the middle of the couch and him on the side..there was room inbetween. Then his phone rings so he gets up to turn the ringer off and comes back and sits right next to me..like hardcore.
so that movie finishes..then we start the other one..and his feet are like touching mine..anways it was super cute..then my stomach start growling...ya nice i know..so he started laughing at me.
So then it was like 12:30 so i said i was kinda tired and going to go he said alright and i said ill see you later and he said bye and i left.
it was different, but i liked it.
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